Simple Unrar v2.4.0

Simple Unrar v2.4.0
Simple Unrar v2.4.0
Requirements: Android 2.3+
Simple Unrar is a powerful utility to extract rar archives.
This application is built with latest Unrar library which provides faster decompression.
!!! Now supporting RAR version 5 !!!
***Download "Arc File Manager" All in one archive & file utility. ***
***** Please help translate this application. For details see below. *****
The features included in current version are -
1. Extract rar file.
2. View rar file info.
3. Extract password protected rar file.
4. Extract multi-part rar archives.
5. View files in archive.
6. Extract selected files from archive.
7. Extract files in selected folder.
8. Mini file browser.
9. Ask for option if file exist (Options are - Yes(Overwrite), No, All, Never, Rename, Rename All)
10. View rar comment if present.
11. Can keep broken/corrupted files.
12. Unicode support.
13. Large file support (Larger than 2GB).
14. Search functionality.
15. Open/Extract rar directly from email attachment.
16. Support Rar version 5.
17. Zip support (Experimental).
18. Background extraction.
All the features are absolutely free.
*** This application is supported by Ads. ***
*** The icons & graphics found in the application are collected from various resources. Credits goes to all of them. ***
Simple Unrar is translated to - Chinese(Simplified), Dutch, French, Italian, German, Greek, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian) Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian.
Version 2.4.0
1. New redesigned UI.
2. Task is now processed in background service.
3. Progress notification.
4. Added Brazilian and Slovak language.

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